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Getting rid of fleas in house is not an easy thing that you could do often and that too, If you have a pet at home then you have probably experienced what a nightmare flea can be!

If you have recently got your child a puppy or a kitten then you can save yourself from the flea nightmare by using the best flea spray for house.

Using flea spray to kill fleas in your house is the best way to get rid of fleas. But, In order to understand what spray will work for your home and why you should invest in it, let us look deeper into what fleas really are and what they are capable of!

Fleas are basically insects termed as external parasites that feed on the blood of mammals as well as birds. They are primarily wingless insects and have a tube-like mouth part that enables them to feed on blood.

Normally, it is quite difficult to spot a flea simply because their body is laterally compressed. This enables them to move through dog or cat hair with ease.

Fleas go through four stages in their life cycle and this includes egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The female flea lays the eggs on its host itself, which could be your dog or cat.

The eggs more often than not, roll off to the ground. As a result, most flea infestations are always closer to the place where your pet spends most of its time.

The eggs can take anywhere from a day or two to almost 2 weeks to hatch. The larva doesn’t feed on blood and its food consists of feces, dead insects, and vegetable matter.

Once, the adult flea is born, their main goal is to feed on blood and reproduce. Each female adult flea can lay a whopping 5000 or more eggs during their lifetime, which can vary from a year to a year and a half.

The different types of fleas that you may come across in your home include:

  1. Cat Flea: This is one of the most widespread flea species on the planet. They infest mostly on domestic cats as well as dogs. They are capable of transmitting infections and parasites to dogs, cats, and humans as well.
  2. Dog Flea: This is another type of flea that can be found on a wide variety of mammals including cats and dogs. They are considered dangerous because they can bite humans and spread Dipylidium caninum also known as the flea tapeworm.
  3. Human Flea: This species is considered a more cosmopolitan species that is known to have originated in South America. Research shows that they can bite domesticated animals like cats, dogs, and monkeys in captivity. The human flea is also considered to be the carrier of the plague bacterium, which has so far taken lives of millions of people across the world

If a flea infestation takes place in your house, then a treatment procedure needs to be followed to get rid of them completely. However the best way to kill fleas that are flying inside you home is using a flea killer spray.

Top 6 Best Flea Spray for house to remove fleas from your house

There are a variety of products available in the form of sprays that can help you fight the nuisance caused by fleas. It is definitely not an easy task to find the right product and hence, we have created a list of 6 best flea sprays for your house.

Let’s take a look at the different types of flea sprays available that will help you get rid of fleas and keep your pets and home safe.

1. Vet's Best - Flea & Tick Home Spray

Do you want Your Home Free from Fleas and Ticks Naturally?

Looking to get rid of fleas in your house using a natural flea spray alternative to the conventional pesticide or Insecticide-based flea and tick product?

If your answer is yes, then Vet’s Best – Flea and Tick spray for home is the best choice to select and kill the fleas and ticks in your house.

Vet's Best is a powerful and easy to use flea & tick house spray that is as natural as it can get!

It contains natural ingredients like peppermint oil and clove extract to control and kill the fleas naturally when they get contacted.

While Vet’s Best Flea Spray kills fleas and ticks, it also repels the mosquitoes and keep the mosquitoes away from your house.

It is available in a 32oz pack and also in 8oz packs.

The good news is that the natural ingredients in this house flea spray will not only kill fleas but also their eggs, which means no more re-infestation!

Vets Best Flea & Tick Pet & Home Spray

Click here to know more about this Vet's Best Flea and tick Spray

Vet's Best flea and tick spray can be used anywhere in your home and especially places where your pets spend the most time and this includes their bedding, kennels, furniture, rugs and carpets, and along the baseboard as well.

This flea spray for house absolutely contains no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil and this flea and tick spray is safe to be used on or around your pet dogs and the cats that are 12 weeks or older. Also, it is safe to use around the children.

The unique non-staining formula of vet’s flea spray makes it perfect for home surfaces such as furniture, carpet, flooring, and countertops and it is not harmful to the house plants

Now, it comes with a new bottle design with a seal cap and detached trigger sprayer that prevents leakage.

Things we Liked

  • It is non-toxic and doesn’t contain any insecticide or IGR
  • It can kill both adult fleas and eggs or larvae
  • Does not leave any unpleasant odor or stains post application
  • It is also effective in repelling mosquitoes

Things we didn't Like

  • It is not safe for use around pets that are less than 12 weeks old

2. Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray, 16 oz

The Precor 2000 plus premise spray is just perfect for homes because a 16oz., cannister can treat almost 2000 sqft of space. It can be sprayed in homes with fleas infestation and also in places like garage and dog kennel.

The Precor 2000 is on of flea spray for the house contains a powerful and unique combination of insecticides.

The primary ingredients include Phenothrin and Permethrin, which are powerful insecticides.

It also contains Methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator (IGR).

The job of the IGR is to ensure the larva does not mature to the adult stage.

Using Precor 2000 flea Spray is the best way to get rid of households fleas. The Spray comes out like a fine mist and its unique low odor formula dries it without leaving a residue mark on the sprayed area.

Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray

Since it is water based for better Spreading and denser than air molecules, it can go into the carpets base and upholstery to control flea larvae up to 7 months

Things we Liked

  • It is powerful for controlling fleas and ticks
  • Contains IGR as well as insecticide
  • It prevents any re-infestation for at least 210 days since application
  • Low on odor and doesn’t leave any residue post application

Things we didn't Like

  • The Spray-can will not work at temperature below 70 degrees

3. Virbac Knockout E.S.

Virbac Knockout E.S. is truly a best flea spray for house, It provides a complete solution for removing flea or tick infestation from your house.

It is available in a 16oz can and You can use a single canister for almost 2,100 square feet of space and can help you to reach and kill fleas hiding under rugs and carpets and behind drapes and floor cracks.

It is a powerful house spray for flea problem that contains permethrin and pyrethrins, which are both insecticides that will help in getting rid of fleas and ticks.

Also, This house flea spray contains a NYLAR® Insect Growth Regulator called pyriproxyfen, which targets the larvae and ensures they don't reach the adult stage.

Knockout Area Treatment by Virbac

Things we Liked

  • It can prevent tick and flea infestation for up to 7 months
  • Low on odor and doesn’t leave any residue post application

Things we didn't Like

  • The spray can be harmful if applied directly on pets

4. Ultracide-flea Tick Professional Pest Control Product

Ultracide 20oz can is a professional pest control product that can be used to remove fleas from your home.

A single can of Ultracide 20oz is good enough to wipe out any active flea infestation and also prevents any further infestation from taking place. 

This is made possible thanks to the active ingredients, which include Permethrin, Pyrethrins, and Pyripoxyfen.

Permethrin and Pyrethrins are powerful insecticide while Pyripoxyfen is an effective insect growth regulator (IGR).

ultracide flea and tick spray for house

The combination of these ingredients is toxic for both adult fleas and larvae. The 20oz can will help you to cover almost 2625 sqft of space.

Things we Liked

  • It can kill fleas and prevent infestation for an entire season
  • It does not contain CFC or any other ozone depleting substance
  • It can be used for treating flea hiding places like under rugs and carpets, upholstered furniture etc

Things we didn't Like

  • The spray can be harmful if applied directly on pets
  • It can be harmful to humans if absorbed through the skin

5. Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II Premise Pest Control Spray

The Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II is a premise spray that guarantees 100% killing of all adult fleas in your house within 10 minutes of application.

It is a tick and flea control spray that can be used at your home, pet kennel, and garage. It is available in a 16oz spray can.

This water-based aerosol spray contains an effective synthetic chemical called Permethrin that is toxic to fleas and ticks.

It contains another synthetic chemical called Phenothrin, which is also high on toxicity when it comes to fleas and ticks.

The third ingredient is S-Methoprene, which is a powerful insect growth regulator (IGR) and works by getting rid of the larvae.

This Vet Kem Siphotrol plus flea spray for indoor has got new carpet-penetrating formula that doesn't leave fleas a place to hide and also it doesn’t leave any odor or stains and no sticky mess on the carpets when sprayed.

This flea spray can be used as both carpet flea spray as well as indoor or house flea spray.

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus II Premise Pest Control Spray

Things we Liked

  • It can prevent flea and tick re-infestation for a period of almost 30 weeks
  • It can treat approximately 2000sqft of unobstructed space
  • Does not leave any unpleasant odor post application

Things we didn't Like

  • Exposure to the ingredients can be extremely toxic to cats


Each of these house flea sprays are powerful and effective as flea bombs against adult fleas and ticks as well as larvae. They also help in preventing re-infestations for a specific period of time, which means you and your pet can breathe easy!

Each flea spray has different benefits and drawbacks and hence it is important to always identify your specific needs before making a buying decision.

If you are looking for a perfect flea spray for house to get rid of the fleas in the house without affecting the living environment then vet's Best is the flea spray you should use. If the flea infestation is more and if the coverage area is more then the best choices are Virbac knock out ES and ultracide.

Siphotrol Plus II is the best house flea spray for quick flea infestation removal since it kills all the fleas within10 minutes of application


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