Best mouse traps to kill rats and mouse

Best mouse traps that works for home, Kitchen and Garage

As soon as you see mouse activities in your house, Mouse Trap is the first thing that comes to our mind to get rid of mice infestation in the home.

You need to use the best mouse trap to catch mice especially when you have heavy mouse infestation problem in your house.

If you decided to choose and ordinary mouse trap instead of the best mouse traps on the market due to some reason then you will end up in chasing the mice and rats and you will never be able to get rid of the mouse from your home.

5 Things to consider when buying a mouse trap

When it comes to buying the best mouse traps for home, you need to consider the below things before hand to avoid regretting after you purchased the mouse trap that doesn't suit for your requirement.

  • Effectiveness - How effectively it can catch the mouse and how frequently it can catch mice without going down?
  • Safety - How safe the trap or equipment to handle. Nobody wants to suffer an electric shock or snapped fingers. Is there any safety mechanism or feature included.
  • Ease of use - Do they provide instruction manual or guide come along with trap.
  • Cleaning and Disposal - How easily it is to clean and dispose the trapped mouse.
  • Durability - How long this product will continue to work effectively without any issue? This is very important otherwise, you will have to buy more and more mouse traps frequently. Happens when you opt out for cheap mouse traps.

Different Types of mouse traps

There are four different types of mouse traps used to get rid of mice when your home is infested with rats, rodents or mice. Also, Mousetrap is the first choice that comes into the mind to exterminate the rats and mice. We should know the different mouse traps that are available and pick the best mouse trap that solves the mice infestation problem.

  1. Humane Mouse Trap - These mouse traps are also called as electronic mouse traps uses high electric voltage to kill the rodents, rats and mouse without letting the animal to suffer as they do in the traditional snap mouse traps
  2. Traditional snap mouse Trap - These mouse traps are still the most effective mouse traps even today. But these are in humane mouse traps that traps the mouse using a steel or metal pedal rod attached to a spring that get snaped when mouse eats the bait. snap traps are the most effective mouse traps as they are very cheap and can be set as many traps in high mouse activity areas.
  3. Sticky Mouse Trap or Mouse Glue Trap - These are sticky or adhesive trapping sheet uses cohesive and adhesive gels to catch the mouse when they get contact to the sticky mouse glue boards. These type of mouse traps are also inhumane mouse traps
  4. Live mouse catch traps - These traps does not kill are harm the rats or rodents they simply track the mouse inside the trap when the start eating the bait. Usually rodentst and rats will be disposed by opening the trap door in the woods away from home.

All the above mouse traps are primarily intended to kill the mouse, We have to choose what is the best mouse traps for home or outside mouse trap.

Best Mouse Trap Buying guide and Review

We have conducted in-depth analysis on the best mouse trap brands available in the market for each type mouse trap and presenting the best mouse traps against each of them with their unique features and safety measures that allowing you to choose the best mouse trap for your home or office or outdoor

Comparison of 5 Best Electronic Mouse Traps (Humane Mouse Traps)

PestNoMore Mice Trap
Classic Rat Zapper
Hoont Rodent Trap
best electronic mouse trap

Battery Type


4 AA

4 AA



Killing Per set






Kills Per set Batteries




Electric Voltage





7000 - 8000

No See, No Touch Disposal






Light Indicator

LED Indicator

Light Indicates Kill or Low Battery

Continuous flash light indicates kill

Indicator Light

Low battery indicator







Battery Required








Indoor Only

Indoor Only



Control Areas

Home, shops, warehouses, offices, restaurants, hotels

Home, ranches, business and commercial

Attics & garages

Attic & garages homes, warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens

Let us jump on to our list of best electronic mouse traps first without wasting any more time.

1. PestNoMore Rodent Zapper - Best Electronic Rat Trap

PestNomore Rodent Zapper is a top rated mouse trap that comes with new 2017 highest quality design and it uses batteries or AC mains power to trap, kill and humanely eliminate rats cleanly, quickly and easily. This next generation electronic rat trap instantly kills rats, mice and rodents - Squirrels, Chipmunks, Voles and Chipmunks of all sizes using high voltage triple shock technology.

This electronic mouse trap is an environmentally friendly and safe around pets and children as no poisons or chemicals used. PestNomore rat trap is the best alternative to traditional snap traps, sticky traps and poisons.

When it comes to killing rats, Rodent Zapper kills instantly and there is no inhumane slow death, No blood, gore or mess. You even need not to see the rat body when you dispose of it.

This is one of the best mouse traps to use, simple and easy 3 step process, 1)Bait 2)Wait 3)Eliminate.

When it comes to safety protection features, PestNomore Rodent trap gets separated into two parts to provide maximum safety and easy cleaning of the shock chamber. The Notification light and alarm indicates that Rodent Zapper has a kill.

PestNomore mouse trap is ideal for professional and home use. Suitable for indoor areas are attics, garages, basements, kitchens, living and dining rooms, shops, warehouses, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

electronic mouse trap that kills rate humanely

Pest Nomore electric and electronic humane mouse trap

This rodent zapper also comes with Main adapter to save the lifetime of batteries and get unlimited kills plus included Notification LED Wire. The alarm sound and light will let you know that there is a successful kill.

Additionally, you can use the light extension wire to place this mice trap in hard-to-see places. This electronic rat trap is also built with high quality non-magnetic stainless metal where no rust takes place on shock plates.

Overall, PestNomore is best humane electronic mouse trap that comes with special and unique features such as largest entrance of electronic rat trap which means largest rodents can enter and killed. A sounding alarm to notify the visit of rat. The mouse killer comes with on/off switch for ultimate safer and triple shock high voltage to ensure the rat is humanely killed (where similar electronic rat traps uses only one shock to kill).

Things we liked

  • Kills mouse instantly
  • No chemicals used and eco friendly
  • Multiple safety protection features
  • Easy to use and cleanAlarm and Notification LED
  • Pets and children safe

Things we don't like

  • Short length power card
  • False alarm triggered in few cases

2. Rat Zapper Classic - Best Electronic Rat trap for Home

If you want to get rid of rats fast then you must use this Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap.

Rat Zapper is a more humane alternative to traditional snap mouse traps, the trap kills mice and average size rats using a high voltage shock. This electric mouse trap uses advanced smart circuit technology senses the rodent and instantly delivers 8,000 volts for two minutes, ensuring a permanent kill. The Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap kills up to 20 rats per set of 4 ‘AA’ batteries.

This mouse trap is very easy to use - Insert batteries, place the bait, turn it on, place the mouse trap, and relax. The bait, placed along the back wall of the trap, lures the rodent inside the chamber and onto the metal plates.

Rat Zapper is designed for indoor use and sadly it cannot used for outdoor, the reusable Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap provides years of effective rodent control—perfect for attics, garages, basements, and sheds.

Rat zapper is an electronic rat trap does not use any poisons or chemicals, but it should be used with caution when placed around children and pets.

Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap

Rat Zapper - electronic humane rat trap

Please the bait using a Q-tip or toothpick through the entrance by adding an enticing snack like peanut butter or dry pet food on or along the back wall of the trap. Place the rat trap in areas where there are noticeable activity or lengthwise along the wall with the entrance side closest to the wall. Flip the switch to turn on the trap and if everything is good a red light will blink once to indicate the mouse trap is working properly.

When a rat or mouse is trapped and killed, an indicator light on top of the trap will blink red. Now simply turn off the trap and tip to safely dump the dead rodent directly into the trash for easy and hygienic, no-touch, no-see disposal.

For monitoring the Rat Zapper from a more convenient distance, you can attach the 12-foot Rat Tale remote indicator which is sold separately.

Overall, Rat Zapper is one of the best rat trap that cleanly, quickly and humanely kills mice and rats with a strong and deadly shock. Easy to use, Hands-free "no touch, no view" disposal. A common mouse and rat trap which is must to have in order to get rid of rats quickly without any blood, mess, chemicals, or poisons.

Things we liked

  • Cleanly, quickly and humanely kills mice and rats with a strong and deadly shock.
  • Easy to use. Insert batteries, bait, turn it on, place, and relax
  • Hands-free disposal of dead mouseSafe and sanitary.
  • No chemicals or poison
  • Great for home use and occasional infestations

Things we dont like

  • Sometimes rat urine disables the system

3. Raticator S-Plus - Best electronic humane mouse trap

Raticator S-Plus is the newest model in the line of revolutionary electronic rodent traps that humanely exterminates rats, mice, and other small rodents with a deadly shock - no prolonged suffering for the rodent as with traditional rat trap and mouse trap products.

This mouse trap is made in the USA and the Raticator S-Plus features an upgraded shock delivery system, durable stainless steel plates, and improved structural integrity.

Easy to use rat trap - First, place 4 new ‘AA’ batteries in the battery compartment. These batteries will provide power supply to the mouse trap unit for 50 dead rodents or 6 months of standby.

Best Mouse Trap - Raticator

Raticator - Best electronic humane mouse trap

Bait the Raticator S-Plus with a dry dog or cat food, or sticky foods like peanut butter in a plastic cap or lid. Turn the mouse trap on, the red light flashes once. When a rodent is humanely exterminated a continuous flashing light alerts you of success. Pick up the unit and simply tip the rodent into a receptacle.

Why to pick the Raticator over other mouse trap?

  • Poisons that are dangerous to wildlife and your pets and children, and are now banned in many states.
  • Snap traps and glue boards are inhumane, and often leave the rodent maimed and suffering.
  • Most mice trap also require that you handle the dead rodent to dispose of it, which is both unsanitary and unpleasant.
  • With the Raticator S-Plus electronic mice trap, there is no mess, and you never have to see or touch the dead rodent.

Overall, Raticator S-Plus is a rodent zapper is an environmental friendly mouse trap that humanely exterminates rats, mice, and other small rodents with a deadly shock. The Improved Design and Shock Delivery System makes is a huge plus for this trap in the category of electronic rat and mouse traps. Also, they provide free phone and email technical support

Other features such as red flash light alert, no see & no touch disposal and its improved design and safety for pets and children make this mouse trap into one of the best mouse traps list

Things we liked

  • Easy to use and Reusable trap
  • No touch, No view disposal
  • Advanced Shock delivery system
  • Flashing kill light indicator

Things we didn't Like

  • Powerful electric voltage can harm children and pets
  • Batteries are not included

4. Hoont - Best Electronic Rodent Trap for rats and mice

The next mouse trap in our top 5 humane mouse trap list is Hoont Electronic Rat Trap, which is equipped with advanced rodent detection technology, which ensures that rats and all other rodents get instantly killed, without any possibility of escaping. It Works great for Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks and other similar rodents.

The Hoont Electronic Rat Trap kills the rodents as quickly and humanely as possible. It works by passing a 7000V electric shock, which instantly kills the rodent, with virtually no pain to the rodent.

This electric mouse trap is can be used easily by simply plug in the device with the provided adapter or inserting the batteries to supply the power to kill the rats and mice.

First apply a small amount of bait, such as peanut butter, etc., then place the Hoont Electronic Rat Trap where activities of rats and mice are observed and turn on the device.

Once the rat enters into trap the Hoont Electronic Rat Trap will emit a 7000V shock, instantly kills the rodent.

Hoont - Electric mouse trap that kills mouse

The Hoont Electronic Rat Trap comes with a 5 Ft. plug-in adapter for hassle free unlimited kills of rats and mice. It can also be used with 4 ‘D’ batteries that not included, allowing the trap to kill up to 30+ kills per set of batteries which makes this as a best mouse trap to stand out from other indoor and outdoor electronic mouse traps.

Hoont mouse trap

It also features with an extension plugin indicator light for hard-to-reach areas which enables to check for trapped rodents without actually checking the device.

This Hoont electronic rodent trap is a best mouse trap that perfectly suits for homes, warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, etc.

With powerful Hoont electronic rat trap you can get of rodent without using dangerous poisons and chemicals.

What makes hoont as perfect mouse trap is its discarding featue the dead rodent can be disposed in a breeze without blood mess and touching of dead rodents.

Simply slide the dead rodent into the trash bin and place the mice trap back to its location. Now it hoont rat rap is ready for its next catch which makes it as a best mouse trap to stand out from other indoor and outdoor electronic mouse traps.

Overall, Hoont is a best electronic humane mouse trap that comes with advanced smart detection technology that helps to get rid of Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks and other similar rodents humanely by passing 7000v electric shock.

This Hoont electronic rodent trap is a best mouse trap that Perfectly suits for homes, warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, etc.

Things we liked

  • Easy to use and Reusable trap
  • No touch, No view disposal
  • Advanced Shock delivery system
  • Flashing kill light indicator

Things we didn't Like

  • Powerful electric voltage can harm children and pets
  • Batteries are not included

5. HNCSMILE - Professional Electronic Rodent Trap uses Scientific Way to Kill Rats, Mice and Squirrels

HNCSMILE Mouse Trap uses an advanced rodent detection technology, ensures rats and all other rodents get instantly killed, without any possibility of escaping.

It is best humane mouse trap which uses an high voltage about 7000-9000v electric shock that instantly kills rodents, rats, mice and squirrels with virtually no pain to the rodent.

It kills rats and rodents Cleanly, quickly and humanely.

Best Mice Trap

HNCSMILE Mouse Trap is a Non-toxic, No Poison chemicals mouse trap which is eco-friendly, Safe to human or pet.

It is made up of Sturdy and Durable material. This mouse trap is Great for Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks and other similar rodents.

A Perfect rat trap for using at homes, warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, etc.

Easy to use. Insert batteries, bait, turn it on, place, and relax, Easy to bait with peanut butter from outside the trap

Things we liked

  • DEET Free
  • Safe for the family
  • All Natural and organic ingredients

Things we didn't Like

  • Dries up quickly

4 Best Snap mouse traps

We have analysed and listed the top 4 snap mouse traps that works better in catching rats.

Comparison of 4 best sticky mouse traps

Snap E - Mouse trap to kill rats
Intruder snap mouse trap
pestpel mouse trap

Trap Count










Never Touch Technology






No Poison used

No Poison used

No Poison used

No Poison used

Additional Info

Made in USA

FSC certified Wood

Resist stains and odors

Precision stainless steel spring

Sensitive Cantilever Trigger

Resist Stain and odour

1. Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap (Pack of 72)

This product provides instant mouse control and it is safe to use it in the house. This is a most trusted brand by victor to control mice for more than 100 years.

No chemicals and poisons used in this trap, so this is totally safe to trap mouse around pets, children, kitchen and food processing areas.

It is very easy to use victor metal pedal mouse trap, Set the baited victor metal pedal mouse trap in areas where the mice activity has been very frequent or on the floor with the bait end flush against the wall.

Disposing of Trapped mice is very simple, After a successful kill, simply lift the metal kill bar, dispose of the mouse, and reset.

The reusable trap can be utilized anywhere in or around the home, and it doesn't require any chemicals or poisons, so it’s safe around children and pets.

Victor - Snap E inhumane sticky mouse trap

Trapped mice can be easily disposed and quickly cleaned.

victor metal pedal mouse trap is considered as the most effective mouse traps for kitchen and garages.

Things we liked

  • Kills mouse quickly
  • No chemicals or poisons
  • Easy to useCan be used around kids and pets
  • Made in the U.S.A with environmentally friendly FSC certified
  • No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets
  • effective and much more humane than glue traps

Things we dont like

  • Problems found in pedals
  • Wooden base seems very weak
  • Disposing of snapped mouse

2. Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack

This product is made up of durable polystyrene and steel materials and comes with a preformed baiting cup that allows you for easy baiting.

Snape e mouse trap resist stains and odors that are very common in old-fashioned wooden traps.

The extra-large tripping paddle and strike bar are very prominent in catching the mouse and rats from the font, sides and back.

Snape-e mouse trap cleaning is very safe and disposable is easy to release and dispose without touching the mouse or rat.

Snap E - Mouse trap to kill rats

Things we liked

  • Preformed bait cup for easy baiting.
  • Durable polystyrene and steel construction.
  • Mouse Trap resist stains and odors common in old-fashioned wooden traps.
  • Can be reused for years.
  • Mouse Trap is simple, safe and sanitary.

Things we dont like

  • Rats slide off sometimes
  • Sometimes the trap is tripped

3. The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack (Intruder 30442)

The better mousetrap comes with Precision stainless steel spring means no escape Holds mouse tight with 30% more force than other traps.

It does not allow the rats to steal the bait in the rat trap.

Best Snap Mouse Trap by Intruder

This is a safe mouse trap molded from tough non-absorbent plastic that suffocates mice cleanly without breaking the skin and also it does not leave any bloody mess or odors

This better mousetrap is reusable and comes with never-Touch design makes it as another best mouse trap in the category of snap traps for mice

The Better Mousetrap is the only safe and effective option, when the safety of children and pets are a concern.

4. Premium Quality Mouse Trap Set to get rid of Rats, Mice & Rodents (by Pest Expel)

Heavy Duty Rigid Mouse Trap

Pest Expel Mousetrap is the Hi-Tech next generation mouse trap made with premium quality ABS plastic and high strength steel. Its heavy-duty rigid design is very effective in catching big size rodents and mice where traditional traps consistently failed to perform. This snap mouse trap has been proved highly effective against those intelligent mice who can steal the bait and leave comfortably without getting caught in mouse trap.

Sensitive Cantilever Trigger

The cutting edge cantilever trigger mechanism of this spring mouse trap allows its spring-loaded handle to instantly go off when mouse comes in contact with the set trigger. Also, Trigger is carefully designed above bait well and mounted just enough off the base of trap for mouse to easily trigger it. This makes it certain the best mouse trap when compared to other snap traps that lets the mouse to runaway stealing the mouse bait.

Premium mouse trap

Reusable, Resist stains & Odor

Another important feature of this mouse trap is the reusability.It can be reused again and again to keep your home mouse & rodent free for years. It is also easily washable and resists all types of stains and odors, which are very common in traditional wooden traps.


Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement. 60 Days money back Guarantee

Having said the above, it is the best mouse trap in the category of snap mouse traps

5 Best Sticky mouse traps or Glue mouse traps

Alazco - Glue mouse trap
catch master - sticky trap
Sticky Glue Mouse trap
Victor Sticky mouse trap
JT Eaton - Stick glue rat traps

Glue Surface

4.5"x 6.5"

8"x 5"

8"x 6"

10"x 5"

10"x 5"

No of Glue Traps






Catching Way

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

Non Toxic

Used to catch

Rodents, Mouse & insects

mice, fruit flies, grain moths, cockroaches, crickets and other insects

Spiders, Crickets, Roaches

Rodents, mice Or Insects

Rats and mice

Suitable for

Home, Garage

Homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc

Homes, food factories, restaurants, food warehouse

Indoor usage

Indoor Uage

Special Features

Exclusive Glue Formula

Peanut butter scented gluespecial adhesive glue

Importing paperboardgreen environmental protection

Built in Bait Scent

Non-allergenic peanut butter scent with foamed adhesive

Special adhesive to remain active in all temperature

Alazco Glue Traps - Non-Toxic mouse boards to trap rats and mice

Alazco mouse trap comes with a set of 12 rat glue traps that can be used to kill rats and mouse where pesticide can't be used.

ALANZO sticky mouse trap uses and excellent glue formula to give the great holding power results to trap as many as rats in the blue boards.

Easiest sticky mouse trap to set up and peel-off the mouse from the sticky pad mouse traps.

Can be used in flat or folded position where rodents or mice activities are high and covers up to 5.25"x 7.75" area

Alazco - Glue mouse trap

Catchmaster - 30 Peanut Butter Scent Mouse Glue Board Sticky Traps

Catchmaster glue boards are non-poisonous mouse glue traps with a peanut butter fragrance which is great for trapping mice. Catchmaster glue boards can be used in flat position like a sheet which acts as effective stick rats for better catching rats.

Catchmaster is one of the great sticky mouse traps for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc. Boards measure 5"x8".

Catchmaster Glue Boards are an excellent choice to capture of mice, rats, and other small rodents with sticky mouse blue board that contains no poisons, rodenticides, or pesticides, these glue boards use a special adhesive type of glue scented with peanut butter to stop rodents in their tracks.

The glue in Catchmaster glue traps are effective for at least one year and are not toxic to people or pets and that is the reason why it is the best sticky mouse trap.

They also contain no oil like other glue board products which prevents the rats to escape from this stick rat glue trap.

If by chance a pet or non-targeted animal gets stuck to the stick rat trap, household vegetable oil may be applied for painless release from this mice glue board.

Easy Gift – Stick Rat Traps & Mouse Glue Traps to trap Mice and Rodent

This is one of the mice glue traps in which the Viscous force of the mouse glue is strong, and once the mouse is stuck in the glue trap the stuck mouse is not easy to escape.

It is the best glue trap to replace ordinary mousetrap and rat poison. This is one of the sticky rat and mice traps that is safe and non-toxic, especially suitable for food factories, restaurants, food warehouse, etc.

Sticky Glue Mouse trap

The best feature of this glue trap is, it contains strong attractant that brings rats & rodents to this sticky glue board.

Also this mouse blue board will not get affected by climate, reusable, non-toxic and harmless, no pollution.

Victor Tin Cat - Mouse Glue Boards 72 / Box

Victor mice Boards are Great mouse glue trap for the detection of rodent or mice activity. This is one of the mouse trapping sticky pads used for Rodent control.

Victor Tin Cat Mice glue boards is a professional Pest Control Product used to trap rodents. This sticky mouse trap is Very easy to use for rodent and rat control.

Victor Sticky mouse trap

Glue board is very efficient and used to capture small rodents and mice. This is the replacement Glue Boards for Tin Cat Traps.

Contain built in Bait Scent to draw the rats and rodents to this glue trap. This sticky mouse trap is clean, Disposable mouse Trap with slight odor.

JT Eaton - 6 Pre-Baited and Peanut Butter Scented Double mouse glue traps

This is a Non-allergenic peanut butter scented of 6 sticky glue mouse traps with foamed adhesive so mice sink further into the adhesive for better capture

This rat glue trap contains a specially featured adhesive that is specifically developed to remain effective in a variety of temperatures, including cold temperatures

JT Eaton - Stick glue rat traps

This sticky mouse trap 20-30-percent heavier than other commercial sticky mouse traps to resist chewing and escapes by larger aggressive rodents

This glue mouse trap has no clay filler to reduce consumer costs and increase capture rates. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

2 Live Mouse Catching Trap

Although there are many live mouse catching rat traps available in the market, we found the below 2 are the best live mouse traps based on the effectiveness and other factors

1. Havahart X-Small Professional Style One-Door Animal Trap for Chipmunk, Squirrel, Rat, and Weasel - 0745

This product is made up of sturdy wire mesh with steel reinforcements which lasts for longer life that is ideal for trapping mouse, chipmunks, squirrels, rats, weasels and animals in similar size that causes nuisance to humans.

These traps are the most trusted rat traps designed by professional trappers and are used by animal control officers. Havahart-x is the number one in the best live mouse traps category

Care has been taken to make smooth internal edges to protect yourself from any injuring while handling the traps to dispose and clean the animals.

The opening of the mesh is made comparatively smaller to prevent stolen baits.

A negative charge is attached in the patented encapsulation process to kill mouse and rats effectively.

No kill - live catch mouse trap

Havahart-X: best live catch mouse traps

Things we liked

  • sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements
  • prevent escapes and stolen bait
  • Gravity action door and sensitive trigger to ensure quick trapping
  • Solid door and handle guard protect the user during transportation
  • Ideal for catching rats, voles, squirrels, flying squirrels, weasels and similar-size nuisance animals

Things we dont like

  • Limited instruction guide
  • Trap door is not quite sensitive

2. The Mouse Hotel - Humane Mousetrap & No Kill Mouse Trap, Live Capture of rats & mice

The Mouse Hotel is a humane mouse trap for people that want to eliminate their rodent problem without harming or killing the mouse.

This is a no kill mouse trap has a simple door that closes behind the mouse while the rat is eating the bait placed in the live mouse catching trap.

Once the door closes, the mouse can't get out until you open it up.

All you have to do is take the trap out to a wooded area and release the mouse. Then you can bring the Mouse Hotel back to your house and set it up again.

The trap is can be used over and over.

The best part of about this mouse trap is that there is no blood for you to clean up.

It is so easy to tell when there is a mouse in the trap. If the door is closed, then you know you've caught a mouse.

The mouse hotel is another humane live catch mouse trap for its simple and effective trapping of rats, mice and rodents without killing them.

Things we liked

  • Reusable
  • Humane Mouse Trap

Things we didn't Like

  • Can Catch only one mouse

How to choose the best mouse traps that works for home?

Primarily, A mouse trap is considered to be best when it solves the problem of catching rats without breaking your bank balance.

Also, When choosing a mouse trap, you must look after additional factory like traditional, modern, simplicity, humane mouse trap, electric and electronic mouse trap etc. 

This might may seem a lot and be confusing to choose a best mouse trap for your house, but you won't be disappointed later by evaluating all these factors and benefits. You will agree it’s worth it.

We have put all these factors and benefits into consideration and provided you the top rated mouse traps list to choose the one.

Advantages of using mouse trap over mouse baits

  • No chemical or hazardous rat poisons
  • More effective results in quick time
  • Simple and easy disposal of dead rodents
  • No offensive odor problems in your house that occurs if rodenticides kill rodents in inaccessible areas.

Effective mouse trapping Tips

  • Place the traps where the activity of mouse is more.
  • Place enough number of traps to trap more number of rats.
  • Avoid using normal baits and always use the best mouse trap baits to lure rats by strong smell and scent. Also, Use a small amount of mouse baits or lures.
  • Place the traps continuously in the same area till all the rodents are killed.

Common mistakes to avoid when setting up mouse traps

  1. Mouse and rats can detect human scent easily on the traps and can quickly runaway from the mouse trap when the smell your scent. So use gloves to set up the mouse trap.
  2. Rats and mice are fond of cheese which is a common misconception . Actually mice and rodents are primarily attracted by nuts and seeds. So we should use a best mouse trap bait made up of peanut butter or any nutty flavor.
  3. Rats and mouse are suspicious, Never use too much of mouse bait to lure the mouse. Use only a small amount of best bait for mouse trap. Also, there is a chance that rats can steal and runaway with some of the food used as bait for mouse traps when you load lot of bait.
  4. Expecting result instantly. Rats are naturally aware of new things in the areas where the frequently roam around and can sense a new thing. So wait for them to get trapped inside the mouse trap.
  5. Never setup a mouse trap where you spot its movement. Instead set the traps towards the wall where they frequently move that gives you the higher chance of getting caught.
  6. Do not expect result with single or few mouse traps. Set as many as mouse traps in areas where you sense rats and mouse activities are frequent. Many more traps increase the chances of trapping as many as rats and mice.

Image Credits : Amazon

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