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How to Prevent Cluster Flies outside

Prevention is always better than cure – this not only applies to medical illness or disease but also when it comes to cluster flies!This is a type of fly that will breed silently in your garden and then one day, the adults will fly right into your home, not in one and twos but an […]

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How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies in my house

One fine morning you wake up and mind a swarm of flies all around your house and you wonder where they came from and who these uninvited guests really are!The truth is that these uninvited guests were breeding right there under your nose, right there in your garden. They entered your home through the open […]

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Cluster Flies life cycle and controlling methods

The insect kingdom comes with its own veil of surprises and you can find over 1 million varieties of insect’s right from the crawling ones to those with wings. One such insect species is the fly, which can be categorized under several sub-species including cluster flies. So what is a cluster fly and how is […]

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Sewer Flies: How to Get Rid of Sewer Flies?

What are sewer flies or drain flies or sewer gnats?Sewer flies or sewer gnats are also known as drain flies, drain gnats or Phorid flies. They did not get their names by accident. They are called “drain flies” because they breed and feed in the organic matters commonly found in the drains of your sink or bathroom.The adult […]

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