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Venus Fly trap for sale: Venus flytrap Plants, seeds and Soil

Where to Buy Venus Flytrap ?Venus Fly Traps can be obtained from any local Carnivorous Plant nurseries.  There are many online shops sell venus fly trap. The most trusted online shop to Buy Venus fly trap plant is amazon.The price of a common Venus Fly Trap usually ranges between $4 and $25. We have gone through the […]

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50 Interesting Venus Flytrap facts

Everyone knows that there are carnivores in the animal kingdom but did you know there are some plants out there that are considered as “Carnivores”? Yes, one such carnivorous plant has a beautiful name – the Venus fly trap! Now, if you want to know about some really interesting facts about this extraordinary creation of […]

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Venus Fly Trap Care Guide

Venus Fly trap care is a pretty simple thing once you understand that your venus flytrap plant is like other plants. It needs soil, water, and light. It is just that it grows in an acidic, nutrient deficient, very moist environment. Focus on providing these things for your plant, and your Venus Flytrap will thrive and […]

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Venus Fly Trap

There are plants and then there are plants that can sway you off your feet! The Venus Fly Trap is one such plant that is a beautiful addition to any garden or home and has a high utility as well. Are you interested to know more about it?What is Venus fly trap plant?The Venus fly […]

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