Gnat Bites: How to treat gnat bites?

There are many questions on gnat bites, how they bites? Do they really bite? What is the treatment for gnat bites?

We have tried to bring all the questions related to gnat bites and provide answers to those questions asked frequently.

Can gnats bite?

Yes, gnats can bite and remember not all the gnats can bite.

Do gnats bite humans and animals?

Yes, gnat bites on humans as well animal. Again, not all gnats bite. There six species of gnats that bites and are called biting gnats or biting midges other gnats those who don’t bite are called as non-biting gnats

Why do gnats bite?

Only female gnats in biting gnats actually bite and the primary reason for females to bite is they required blood for the reproduction process. Female gnats require protein to lay eggs, In order to get protein they require blood and that whys gnats bite humans or any living animals.

It is observed that sometimes, these females can fly up to 10-40 miles distance to suck blood

How do gnats bite?

Gnats bite similar to the mosquito. However, gnats will not puncture your skin as like the mosquitos do. Instead, of that gnats, bite by tearing your top skin with four sharp blades like structures in their mouth.

When they bite, it causes sharp pain and the pain will increase up to the size of the gnat that bites you. As soon as the gnat bites and makes an opening, it injects chemicals into the blood to stop clotting and sucks your blood.

Gnat bites may be painful and can lead to swelling.

Do gnats Carry disease?

No, unlike mosquitoes, Gnats don’t carry disease from one human to another. However there is a possibility it can spread bacterial infection among humans.

How long does it take for gnat bites to heal?

Usually gnats bites are similar to mosquito bites and it will go way with 2-5 days. Scratching the gnat bitten area will worsen the skin and it will turn to red. So don’t scratch it.

How to treat gnat bites?

Gnat bites treatment can be classified into two types

  1. Gnat bite: Natural and home treatment
  2. Medical Treatments to get rid of gnat bites

Below are the recommended products to treat gnat bites.

Gnat Bite - Itch Relief Stick

Relieves pain and itching associated with all Insect bites.

Minor burns, sunburn, minor skin irritations, minor cuts, scrapes

Insect Bite Patches

After Bite Patches are a clear physical barrier applied directly on top of a bite. The result-protection from further redness.

The adhesive of the patch contains active natural ingredients to sooth and refresh the skin

After bite ointment for gnat bites

For minor skin irritations and stings & bites of: bees, wasps, fire ants, jelly fish and other stinging/biting insects

No Bite Me for gnat bites

All-in-one preventative and after bite treatment.

An essential outdoors and campers cream.

Insect Sting Relief Wipe

Provide temporary relief of pain and itching due to insect stings

Reduce the urge to scratch affected areas, reducing the chance of secondary infection

Gnat bite: Natural and home treatment

The best and easiest way to treat bites is to use natural methods available at home.

  • Essential oils like eucalyptus, geranium, peppermint and spearmint can be used as natural solution for the gnat bite and it acts as a very good natural repellent.
  • Cedar oil and Basil oil are also acts as very good repellent for the bites of gnats.
  • Applying oil of cloves and rubbing alcohol directly on the bitten area of skin helps in relieving and treating the itching caused by biting midges and gnats.
  • Washing gnat bite with soap water also reduces the itching to some extent.
  • Rubbing the wounds with ice pack results in reducing the swelling.

Medical Treatments to get rid of gnat bites

  • Ibruprofen is the medicine that is available over the counter to reduce the swelling, pain and itching produced by those biting gnats.

Precautionary Tips

  • Gnat bites will not be realized or known immediately as soon as it bites
  • When you feel itching or tingling sensation around the bitten place, don’t scratch the bite, the more you scratch it opens the wound wide and expose it to infection.

When to see the doctor?

If you are experience any of the below symptoms

  • Huge swelling on the bitten wound
  • Feeling discomfort and difficulty in breathing
  • Hives
  • Puss developed on the bitten wound
  • Allergic rashes around the gnat bites

How to prevent yourself from gnat bites

Most important reason why you are bitten gnats is, we expose our body to those biting gnats to bites. Below is well compiled list of preventive control measure to protect yourself from gnat bites

  • In Most houses, they will open the window to have light inside the home. Install barriers, such as window screens or netting to stop the gnats entering your home.
  • It is always better to avoid wooded and brushy areas around your home.
  • Stop using heavily scented soaps and perfumes as gnats are attracted to scents
  • Avoid Wearing bright colors (in general insects, flies and gnats are attracted to bright colors).
  • If Possible, Always wear long sleeves and long pants to cover up your body and not to expose your skins to gnat bites.
  • Whenever it is possible, wear a hat while going out.
  • Don’t stay too near to the stagnant (standing) water. It is a breeding source for mosquitoes, flies and gnats.
  • Check for water stagnation around your home or streets, if so make necessary arrangements to drain the water and make that place dry. Almost all flies and gnats will grow from the moisture and damp areas. If those stagnant water around your place is ignored, you may feel sorry later when your see gnats flying into your home.
  • When you are camping, you must treat your clothes, shoes and camping gears with permethrin. Once it is they are treated with permethrin they become good gnat repellent.
  • Don't leave your drinks uncovered and undisposed anywhere inside or outside your home.
  • If you are having in house garbage cans, please close it with lids especially during the night. If you are having your trash can outside home then it must remain covered always.
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