Gnat Infestation in your kitchen and house

Gnat Infestation: Many are annoyed by little flying insects in their house, especially if they’re already in front of your face or flying around your food. These insects are small, usually long-legged, are considered as weak fliers and are called a gnat. These insects have many names like fungus gnats, vinegar flies or even fruit flies.

Why are these little flying gnats in my house?

Know why there are gnats inside your house, you need to understand first what they are and how to identify them. Gnats are flying insects, smaller than mosquitos, black, don’t buzz and doesn’t bite at all.

They are drawn to light, that’s why you can usually see them in a mirror, a window and in bright rooms. Most of all, they love fungus which is found in moisture. Plus, they love rotten fruits, over-watered potted plants and buckets.

Where does gnat come from?

Male gnats mate by large swarms, which are commonly known as ghosts and are found above the streets or at dusks at large fields. You can find the eggs laid in water or small land areas. Also, the larvae can freely move in water plants or in rocks. One of the best signs to know if you have a gnat infestation in your house is when they are flying around in your:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom

Gnat infestation in kitchen

The kitchen area is one of the places where there can be a lot of small flying insects. It can be very tough to find the real source where these insects came from. So, we have a couple of suggestions for you on how you can remove the gnats in your kitchen.

  1. You should never leave your food uncovered. If you have food in your tables like fruits and vegetables, make sure that you put it in your refrigerator or throw it away if it’s already rotten.
  2. Throw away your garbage: One of the most common places where gnats breed and feed is your garbage area so make sure that you tightly close it and throw it away regularly.

To further help you remove the gnat infestation in your kitchen area; Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can easily clean it:

  • Wipe off your sink and counter with a clean towel.
  • Using a cleaning product, spray all the surfaces in your kitchen and let it sit for a long time. This will ensure that your kitchen will be disinfected.
  • Use a a wet sponge to rinse everything off.
  • Use a cloth towel to dry your sink and counters.
  • Use lots of lemon peel, ice cubes and water to properly clean the garbage disposal in your kitchen.
  • Pour a cup of ammonia into your sink and garbage disposal and rinse it well after an hour.
  • And lastly. pour a couple of drops of dish soap and apple cider vinegar into a bowl to avoid infestation again.

Gnat infestation in your bathroom

Like what was stated earlier, gnats love to breed in standing water and where else can they find abundance of this? In your bathroom! It can be very frustrating when you want to have a relaxing bath and you see gnats flying around your head or even hanging out with you in the tub.

So, we’ve come up with some ways on how you can remove the gnats in your bathroom. This may require a little changing of habit and some persistence.

  • Insecticide: Bug bombs are very effective if you want to remove any flies flying around, but this won’t remove their breeding ground. That’s why it’s important that you clean the trash in your bathroom and, always check for any standing water.
  • Gnat Repellents. This can be used in both the gnats and your pets. Spray this to the flies to kill them instantly. Some of them can be applied to your pets to make sure that they’re not being followed by any gnats.

Fungus gnat infestation

Fungus gnats or also known as soil gnats don’t really damage your plants that much. However, some species of these flying insects can destroy a plant ones the larvae feeds onto its roots. But most of the time, you can find these small insects just buzzing around your potted plants.

These types of gnat species can reproduce any time of the year. They are very much attracted to light, that’s why you can see them buzzing around in windows, on walls and even around light bulbs. So, here are some ways on how you can get rid of these fungus gnats:

  • Proper watering. Always make sure that your potted plants are watered deeply and allow the two inches of the pot to dry before watering again.
  • Avoid soggy mix, pots. A dry place can decrease the likelihood of having fungus gnats so always drain the pots after watering them. A clear drainage system for your potted plants is also a good idea.
  • Use sticky traps. This is also a good way to reduce the number of gnats in your plants. Use a bright yellow trap so that they’ll be attracted to it and place it around your plants.

Gnat infestation outside

Controlling the gnats inside your house may be a little work for you, but it can be tough if your problem is outside your home. Luckily, we have collected some of tips and tricks that you can easily do to avoid any gnat infestation.

  • Occasionally rake soils outside your house to dry out its layers.
  • Water your plants in the morning so that it’ll have more time to dry.
  • Keep water features and birdbaths clean.
  • Pour some dry soil in damp areas around your house.
  • Using sodium light bulbs are a good way to reduce the light outside your house to prevent any gnat infestation.


Gnat infestation both inside and outside your house may be very annoying, but there are a lot of simple ways on how you can avoid it. Just follow the guide, tips and tricks that were mentioned above and you’ll notice a more peaceful home and surroundings in no time.

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