PetArmor Plus Reviews: Flea & Tick Treatment for Cats

Is your cat scratching a lot lately? Is she chewing her skin or restless? Is she suffering from loss of appetite, lethargy, and even Anaemia? If these are some of the symptoms or behaviours you have noticed recently then the probability for flea and tick infestation is quite high.

Fleas and ticks are one of the most common pests for pets or domestic animals and they can be quite the nuisance.

They are normally prevalent around the warmer months and can carry or cause diseases including Cytauxzoonosis, Tularemia or Rabbit fever, Feline infectious anemia or Feline hemotropic mycoplasmosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Plague, Cat Scratch Disease (CSD), Flea Allergy Dermatitis, and Haemobartonellosis.

So, what could be the possible treatment for removal of cat fleas and ticks? There are different types of medications and home remedies available but one of the most popular and highly effective is the PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment for cats.

What is PetArmor Plus?

PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment for cats is being manufactured and marketed by FidoPharm, which makes high quality pet medicine more affordable.

Petarmor plus reviews

PetArmor Plus comes from one of the leading companion pet health product companies in the world, which is committed towards providing consumers with some of the most comprehensive products.

These companion pet health products contain the same active ingredients that have existed in the market as branded veterinary health products and all this comes at a significantly lower cost.

PetArmor is available for both dogs and cats and focus on keeping your pet free from fleas and ticks.

PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment is Suitable For:

  • Cats and kittens that weigh over 1.5lbs and are over 8 weeks of age

Benefits of using PetArmor

PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment for cats is one of the most effective topical flea and tick treatment medication. Some of the benefits of this medication include:

  • PetArmor Plus is available in the form of topical pipette that are easy to apply. You don't have to worry about forcing a pill down your cat's throat as this medication can be applied directly on their skin.
  • PetArmor Plus kills ticks including those that are responsible for transmitting Lyme disease.
  • This medication is highly effective and not only kills fleas but also flea eggs and flea larvae for a period of 12 weeks.The medication also kills chewing lice
  • The pack comes with 6 applicators that provide a rapid-acting, long-lasting, and waterproof protection to your cat for a period of 30 days.

How to use PetArmor?

PetArmor Plus topical applicator contains an effective composition of insecticide and insect growth regulator that enables it to not only kill fleas, chewing lice, and ticks but also their eggs and larvae. PetArmor Plus starts killing fleas within 12 hours since its application on your pet. It may take almost 48 hours for the medication to start killing ticks though.

Directions of usage

PetArmor Plus flea and tick treatment for cats should always be administered according to the following recommended schedule:





Cats and Kittens

1.5lbs and over 8 weeks of age

9.80% Fipronil11.80% of (S)-methoprene

1 applicator used once in 4 weeks

Re-applied after 4 weeks

The following steps reveal how PetArmor Plus applicators can be administered to your cat:

  1. ​First remove the applicator tubes from the package
  2. Pick up one tube
  3. Hold the tube in such a way that the notched end is pointing up and away from the face and body
  4. Cut off the narrow end of the applicator using scissors along the line as shown in the instructions booklet
  5. Hold your cat with one hand and part his/her hairs to reveal skin
  6. Apply the contents of the applicator on a spot chosen by you between his/her shoulder blades
  7. Ensure your cat stands still for a few seconds so that the solution can get properly absorbed

How it works?

PetArmor Plus for cats is a topical medication, which means it needs to be applied directly to the skin of your cat. It works silently and is highly effective thanks to the two active ingredients it contains. These ingredients are:

Fipronil: PetArmor Plus contains 9.80% Fipronil. It is an active ingredient, which is a broad-spectrum insecticide that kills fleas and ticks by disrupting their central nervous system.

(S)-methoprene: PetArmor Plus contains 11.80% of (S)-methoprene. This is as another active ingredient and it is an insect growth regulator (IGR). It is responsible for interfering with the growth cycle of fleas and ticks and thus ends up killing eggs and larvae.

Any side effects using PetArmor?

Once PetArmor Plus is applied, some cats may not show any side effects while symptoms may appear in other cats. The symptoms normally appear after a few hours since application and the type of side effects depend primarily on the formulation (ingredients) and dosage.

Some of the common side effect or symptoms in cats include Ataxia or uncoordinated movements, twitching, aggression, Hyper-reactivity, nodding, sweating, sudden convulsions, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, agitation, Abnormal gait, and weakness.

Safety and Precaution Measures

Precaution is necessary as the ingredients of the applicator may be harmful for your cat if ingested and as the old age saying goes: precaution is always better than care! Some of the measures that can be taken include:

  • It should not be applied to kittens that are less than 8 weeks of age
  • It should not be applied to cats that weigh less than 1.5 lbs
  • A Double dose on your cat is not recommended as it can cause severe side effects
  • One applicator tube is meant for one cat and should not be divided and administered to two or more cats
  • It should be kept away from children and if swallowed, it is recommended to call a poison control center or a doctor for further treatment advice
  • It is essential to avoid any contact with skin, eyes or clothing
  • It is highly recommended to consult a vet before applying this product on an aged or debilitated cat.

Final Verdict on PetArmor for Cat Fleas

Overall, Pet Armor is one of the best flea medicine for cats and Fast acting and long lasting medicine that which provides a long lasting flea treatment for cats that protects from flea bites upto 12 weeks.

Petarmor plus reviews
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • Kills flea eggs and flea larvae for up to 12 weeks
  • Kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease
  • Waterproof
  • kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice for up to 30 days
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