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When your house is infested with rats, mice and other rodents then people will go for traps and poison to get rid of them. Well traps and poisons are not the only solution left to deal wih the pest.

There is a way to keep the rodents away from your home without killing them. You can cause displeasant and repel them away.

There is one such product available in the market and it is rodent sheriff. Today we are going to review the rodent sheriff in detail to provide you a buying guide that will help you to decide whether to buy or not.

Obviously You may be think, Yeah it is yet another rodent repelling product. Does it really work?

And Even if it works, how effective it is?

We have answers to all of your question below Rodent Sheriff Review

What is Rodent Sheriff?

Rodent Sheriff is a natural repellent spray having pepper mint scent that repels mice, roaches, raccoon’s rodents and pests by creating a barrier to kick the pests out of your home.

What is rodent sheriff made of?

Rodent Sheriff Repellent spray is made with all natural peppermint oil. It is also termed as “organic poison” as it is safe to use where pets and children play.

Who can use Rodent Sheriff Spray?

This spray repellent is for those people who want to get rid of mice, rats, roaches or other pests without using with hazardous mouse poisons or mouse traps that could harm children or pets. If you want to get rid of rats, mice and other pests from your house but don’t want to kill them then Rodent Sheriff is for you!

What are the ingredients in rodent sheriff?

It contains ingredients of 2.7% Peppermint Oil (Natural repellent ingredient), 0.1% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and 97.2% Inert Ingredients (Water, and Propylene Carbonate Sodium Benzoate).

How Rodent Sheriff works?

How rodent sheriff works

The great thing about rodent sheriff spray repellent is a peppermint spray for mice, rats and other rodents which is simple to use. It comes in a spray form that makes it easy to use without having to do any preparation.

Start Applying the rodent sheriff by continuously spraying around the places that are infested with rats, mice, rodents and other pest.

Rodent Sheriff repellent spray contains peppermint oil as ingredient to repel the rodents, rats, mice and other pest naturally from your home. The solution is also referred as “organic poison” to the rodents and pests since it does not kill them but repels them naturally from your house, garage and barn.

It comes with a patented formula containing natural peppermint oil for natural repelling and the non-toxic formula of rodent sheriff makes it easy to spray in places are infested. Peppermint is a known as an effective natural and organic repellent for multiple pests such as rodents, raccoons, and some insects.

Rodent Sheriff action in garden

And once you spray, the pests run away! They hate the smell - making it easy and safe to use even in areas where children and pets play.

You, your family, children and pets will love the long lasting minty fresh peppermint scent, but mice, roaches, raccoons and other rodents will hate it.

If you want to get rid of mice, rodents, spiders, roaches and rats from your house then spray continuous along the boards, doors, windows and all other entry points from where these pest may come inside.

And it applies same to your garage, barn, or wherever you want to create a protective barrier to prevent the rodents and pest from entering the home

You can spray it around the garden, trash cans, vehicles, garages, storage areas, and attics and wherever you want to get rid of mice, rodents and pests.

Features of Rodent Sheriff

  • Has an invisible natural time released gateway which releases that scary mint essence slowly to repel the pests and constantly creating a barrier to protect them from entering your home again.
  • The natural way to protect your home, storage, basement, car, waste disposal, garage, attic etc.
  • Comes in a handy spray bottle not oversized which is easy to use with one hand
  • Rodent Sheriff is all natural (made from natural peppermint oil). It is not harmful to the environment, safe to you, your pets and your kids, but not pests!
  • You can use it literally everywhere, In Your garage, your basement, your kitchen, your shed, your barn, around the garden, around your garbage cans, around your fruit trees, even in your car!
  • Rodent Sheriff is safe to be spray in places where pets and children play. It is also safe to use around garden veggies and fruit trees.
  • You and your family will love the refreshing peppermint smell, but the pests will hate it.
  • Each 8 ounce bottle of Rodent Sheriff contains about 1,000 sprays.

Most frequently asked questions about rodent sheriff:

Does Rodent Sheriff really work?

Yes, it works and it is a spraying solution which acts as a powerful repellent against rodents and other pests. It has peppermint ingredient which is normally disliked by the rodents.

Is Rodent Sheriff good for you?

If you are a person who wants to get rid of rodent by naturally without killing them. Yes, it is good for you. Because it is the humane way of getting rid of mice, rat, squirrel, raccoons and other rodents without harming or killing them.

This product is perfect for your family as children and pets can be endangered with any kind of harsh chemicals or poisons that may affect them

Where Can I Buy Rodent Sheriff?

Fortunately, this product is available online and you can buy it from Amazon. Click here to Buy Rodent Sheriff. Amazon is the most trusted e-commerce website, and you can also get a great deal when you are ordering in bulk.

Does Rodent Sheriff Safe for Pets?

According to the Company and its ingredients used it safe to use around pets. Many users have confirmed after using it that they didn’t see any rodent activity and no harmful effects or difference in the behavior on their pets.

Where should I use the spray?

There is no restriction to used the rodent sheriff spray. You can spray wherever there is a possibility of rodent activity or where you want to create a barrier to prevent the rodents entry. Most common places are likely around garage, attic, basement, near garbage cans, shed, garden, or even near the car parking.

How often should I spray it?

If you want to have a continuous protection from rodent you will have to spray frequently. But be sure to check if you’re seeing any rodent activity. Also, Rain and other climatic conditions will reduce the effectiveness. During such occasions, you must spray again. Remember each spray bottle lasts for 1000 sprays.

Does it kill rodents and other pests?

No, Rodent sheriff doesn’t kill anything. It just repels them by causing unpleasant scent of peppermint.

How safe is the rodent sheriff spray repellent?

Rodent Sheriff is a natural rodent repellent spray made with peppermint oil ingredient and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is safe to use the spray around where children and pest play.

Also, it is safe to spray it around the garden or trees. Rodent Sheriff Spray is safer than rat poison or mouse poison.

When to expect the results?

Unlike other sprays it take starts working when after the moment you spray. The Pleasant refreshing scent will create a repellent barrier that helps rats, mice and rodent naturally. To say in short it works immediately and gets rid of rats and rodents almost instantly

Once the peppermints scent spreads across your home, garden or barn, Rodents, rats and other pest will run away in the opposite direction towards the hills to hide.

The strong peppermint smell will fade away gradually a day after applying, but it is good enough to continue repelling the pests for weeks.

Is Rodent Sheriff only for Rodents?

No, it can be used as an effective repellent spray to repel pest such as Mice, roaches, raccoons, roaches and spiders naturally using the peppermint scent.

Though the smell is pleasing to human but it is repulsive to rodents to make them out of your house.

Precautions for the first time users

If you are going to use the Rodent Sheriff for the first time then, you may notice that the peppermint smell is pretty strong. In case, you are spraying it in indoors, it is good start spraying an area where there is sufficient air circulation. A mask will help preventing you from inhaling the overpowering peppermint smell.



  • Naturally repels rodents and other pests
  • Safer than rat poison
  • Can be use even where children and pets play
  • Creates a Natural protecting barrier to stop rodents and pest
  • Time released
  • Each bottle is good enough for 1000 sprays.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • If there is a rain, you will have to spray again
  • Strong smell during the first time application
  • All people may not like peppermint smell

Alternates to Rodent Sheriff

There are quite a few alternate product that are very much similar to rodent sheriff in repelling the rodents and pest naturally. Below are some of the alternate products available in the market

Final Verdict: Should you try Rodent Sheriff?

If you are one among the others who want to get rid of mice and other pest humanely without using chemicals then you should really try Rodent Sheriff.

It give total pest control of your home in your very own hands and also it cares about environment, people, family, kids and pets.

It will give you a pleasant feeling that you have not used any spray to get rid of pest. 

If you don’t have to worry about health, kids and pest, Give a Try!

Rodent Sheriff bottle

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